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The Free Cakes for Kids Enfield team has been expanding over the summer...there are ten of us now, with many more people expressing an interest in joining us.  More photos to follow soon!  If you're interesting in joining our team, please contact us.


Tracy Havas is the Group Coordinator for Free Cakes for Kids Enfield.  She first started baking occasionally when her children were diagnosed with coeliac disease and it's now a much more frequent occurrence! She has a particular interest in gluten free baking.

Liz Fish can't go more than a couple of days without baking. From bread and simple cakes, to celebration cakes of every variety, Liz loves them all and is often helped by her children aged 9 and 7.  She works on several other charitable projects but thinks Free Cakes for Kids is by far the most fun.

Annisa Sohoye was brought up in Canada. Since coming to the London she has developed a passion for baking cakes and sweet treats.  Outside baking Annisa spends her time bringing up her two boys, and the Canadian in her likes to take spontaneous road trips around the UK to see how 'old' everything is.

Katie Forsythe has always loved baking, ever since her Nan taught her as a child. Her favourite cake has to be the Victoria sandwich, but one of the things she enjoys most about baking is experimenting with new flavours and ingredients (and of course, licking the bowl!).

Originally from Manchester, Katherine Heath has now been living in London for half her life (which makes her feel very old) and now happily calls the Palmers Green/Southgate area home. Since becoming a mum, she's become more and more interested in domestic activities - or at least the fun ones like cooking, she's yet to be enthusiastic about cleaning or ironing!

Priya Haria has been a keen baker since she was young. She is passionate about baking a range of cakes and other desserts and has been inspired by her Mum. She lives with her husband and is a dentist with a sweet tooth. Priya finds that a slice of good cake can nearly always make someone smile!

Olivia Poole is a fashion writer with a passion for baking. She is particularly interested in experimenting with healthy low fat cakes and gluten free baking as she loves sweet treats as part of a healthy lifestyle. One of her favourite cakes (there are too many!) is a carrot cake from the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook. She loves to travel and get a taste for different foods and flavours around the world.

Despite working in TV and Film, Stan didn’t feel she had enough of a creative output until she developed a passion for decorating cupcakes and cakes. She photographs and shares her designs online under the name “Cupcake Woman” – but hardly ever eats the cakes herself. Joining Free Cakes for Kids means these cakes will now be enjoyed properly.

Susy was brought up in Oxfordshire and came to London to study. After some time spent travelling around Australia and South East Asia, she moved back to London and lives in Enfield with her husband and daughter.
She works part time for the Mayor's official promotional agency for London. She enjoys cooking and baking, yoga, travelling and reading – although an active toddler doesn’t allow her much time to read these days.
She loves baking cakes almost as much as she loves eating them!

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